Youtube’s Skippable Ads (An Example of On-Demand Consumership)

Oh, Google. The world is waiting for you to be the architect of peace, at this point.

This seems like a promising model that is less aggressive for the viewer and workable (in theory, so far) for advertisers. Google has announced TrueView Video Ads that will give the viewer the option to skip or watch an ad. Advertisers get charged only if someone watches their ad, which makes sense.

“We believe offering a cost-per-view video ad model is good for everyone: consumers choose ads that are more relevant to them; you more precisely find the audiences you want; and content creators continue to fund great content with an ad experience that is less intrusive. Our experience with Promoted Videos, which you buy on a cost-per-click basis, shows that viewers will choose to watch ads that are relevant and engaging.”

Viewers are forced to watch the first 5 seconds of any ad before they can opt out of it, and if the full 30secs are watched Google will charge.

This just another example of the media’s secular shift to customization. This model will help advertisers tailor their ads to viewership (like the way Facebook always seems to know that you’re secretly interested in Ugg boots or something).


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