Is “Private Life” Becoming an Antiquated Phrase?

I just saw this slide on the Huffington Post’s top ten overrated things of 2010:

Tiger Woods’ Private Life

Har har. But this may not be far from the truth for the rest of us as well!

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have discovered that many sites are using the same bug to collect netizen browsing information.

“Our study shows that popular Web 2.0 applications like mashups, aggregators, and sophisticated ad targeting are rife with different kinds of privacy-violating flows.”

Not to worry, though. Apparently web browsers like Chrome and Safari automatically block the bug, but this issue begs the question:

Can we expect privacy in an internet age?

I think the definition of privacy is changing very quickly as we move away from old models and into a mobile, computer-based society, and this will warrant even more regulation.



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