Memory Bank Monday (11.16-11.22)

*A weekly roundup of articles I find interesting but am too lazy to write about

1. Twitter Killed Media Criticism The Beast reports that Twitter is actually a threat to press criticism by providing an outlet for journalists’ subjective voices.

2. Think again before you post your criminal activities on Facebook! Gothamist reports that NYPD are now regularly checking social networking sites to catch criminals.

3. Rupert Murdoch to create iPad only Newspaper with Apple’s Help.

Speaking about iPads, Karl Lagerfield confused it with Facebook:

Facebook is a flawless object. It’s for me like a Brancusi. As I told you, I got one as a gift in gold — in white gold. And the BlackBerry too, and the iPod. I have all those from a gift, I wouldn’t buy it. But somebody gave me all those things in white gold. They are beautiful objects on the table — they are stunning. I don’t use them because I don’t have to use them.

4. Can Blockbuster use TV to save itself? The company says it will spend $15-$20 million on an ad campaign.

5. UNICORN MEAT MAGICK!! (this has everything to do with the internet and possibly nothing to do with journalism. Happy Thanksgiving!)


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