Give it A Rest Already, Damnit! NPR Basically Faux-Shanked Because It’s Free

Keith Olberman. Juan Williams. Joe Scarborough. Jeez. We’ve already exhausted this topic, the one about commentators apparently not allowed to have personal opinions (just go to their Twitters if you want to find out what they’re really thinking; it’s not like there’s an entire show built off of snark or anything).

The LA Times reports that with the advent of the new Republican House majority, public funding for NPR may be in jeopardy.

No doubt many seek a refuge from the silliness and ideological histrionics increasingly gripping the rest of media. That would have been clear to anyone who has actually listened to NPR news, as opposed, say, to getting a caricatured view of it from ideologues on cable television and AM talk radio

CLEARLY the author of this column, James Rainey, is totally not Republican. But he has a point. NPR serves as the neutral brain food for those people who just want to get the cold, hard news without the commentary beating them over the head every five seconds.


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