Memory Bank Monday (11.2-11.8)

*A weekly roundup of interesting links that I’m too lazy to write about. But you should totally check ‘em out!

1. What is 4G, anyway? Gizmodo explains.
2. AT&T U-Verse unable to come to an agreement with Scripps; cancels Food Network, HGTV and others Pertains to a lot of what we’re dealing with in class regarding television/broadcast wars
3. Facebook shows midterm election voter turnout This is pretty interesting–there’s a lot of potential with this is they can find a way to verify voters
4. Magazine Copies Entire Story from Web; Tells Writer She Should Pay Them for Publishing it This is just too ridiculous not to post.
5. Twitter Ranks Top 25 U.S. NewspapersIf you were to rank the Top 25 U.S. newspapers by Twitter followers, the order would be much different than if you were to rank them by circulation.”


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