Memory Bank Monday (10.26-11.1)

*A weekly roundup of interesting links that I’m too lazy to write about. But you should totally check ’em out!

1. Online Advertising Now Nearly 1/3 of ‘New York Times” Revenue

2. Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market An analysis of almost 10 million tweets from 2008 shows how they can be used to predict stock market movements up to 6 days in advance

3. Google Place Search introduces quick and easy, clustered local search Just another example of a useful mashup: Place Search automatically gives you this new results display when it thinks you’re looking for something that’s located around a particular area

4. What Tomorrow’s Elections Mean for Science and Technology Gizmodo lists six key issues, one of them being Net Neutrality, and it doesn’t look promising.

5. Technology firms and Barack Obama Techies in Silicon Valley are feeling used and ¬†abandoned by the social-media embracing prez, as many issues haven’t been addressed.


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