Cable Attempts to Thwart Google TV (and this article would have helped me answer at least one question on the exam)

Gizmodo does a great job in this article giving readers the lowdown on the problems that are arising with newly unveiled Google Tv. And it all comes down to one thing: advertisements.

Here’s the thing: Web advertising is worth a lot less than regular TV advertising. The ads for 30 Rock on Hulu or dump a lot less change into NBC’s pocket than the ones that run when 30 Rock airs on the network. So if you’re watching broadcast content on your television, broadcasters want you to watch TV ads, not web ads.

These new developments just exacerbate the already tangled ties between advertisers and media outlets. Right now cable companies are blocking Google TV access to their sites in order to preserve a few things:

1. Ad revenue. The dollar-dime rule is totally applicable in this case.
2. Content QUALITY. Another huge worry is that the ease of internet access will take away from the hard work broadcasters put into creating shows/works. A viral youtube or vimeo video will be just as easily accessible as a 60 Minutes episode. A blurring of highbrow/lowbrow video culture, perhaps?

I’m really eager to see how this all pans out.

Further Reading (I highly recommend):
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