Twitter Trailblazer for New Ad Revenue? (And my extreme distaste for Dick Costolo’s overuse of the word “organic”)

Twitter Introduces New Types of Ads

Apparently, for a long time Twitter refused to talk about money, but now the company has revealed two strategies that, according to Twitter’s chief operating officer, Dick Costolo, advocate “a new kind of advertising—advertising that starts out as organic content.

Whoa, whoa. Let’s stop and analyze this for a sec.

Starts out as ORGANIC content?

What does ORGANIC content mean? Let’s take a gander at the organic advertisements on the market these days: organic milk. All natural Ben & Jerry’sOrganic cosmetics. Organic organic organic. It’s funny how most of those products have had to slash the “o” word from their titles, rendering it a meaningless adjective used to bloat up a product’s sellability.

So. With this premise in mind, what exactly are Twitter’s strategies?

1. Advertisers must pay to promote their accounts
2. Twitter advertising will eventually include small businesses who can use a self server to place ads

Advertisers pay when a user clicks on their post or trend topic, and also if a user retweets their message. Twitter will give priority spots for “suggested” promoted accounts that have been paid for. So it’s basically a competition for advertisers who use their free accounts to be suggested…

I’m wondering what the initial “promote me” price is, though. Because if Twitter allows any sum of money, companies with the biggest cache will come out on top while the smaller businesses suffer. However, if it all companies pay a flat promotion fee, then their popularity and suggestion status is determined by the Twitterverse. That totally seems more organic to me.

This model is pretty similar to the paid ads we see on websites everyday, but what I like about this—and what I think will make it more successful—is that the revenue will be completely user-generated. People will see ads not because the company reserved a specific spot, but because other users forwarded it through their own tweets. This, in turn, makes the ad more credible is people see that others promote it of their own volition.

There’s also a portion of small businesses that will use Twitter and are happy with organic followers and will build organically, and that’s fine with us,” Costolo also said.

Ohhhhh, so an “organic” twitterer is someone who gets his followers using his own charisma and tweeting skills *slaps forehead*.


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