Hopping on the Paid Bandwagon

Well, boston.com just announced its decision to make bostonglobe.com a site for paid subscribers only, sometime in the future (like “the second half of 2011,” so that must mean the end of next summer-ish. AKA too far in the future to think about right now, IMO) Right now, boston.com is able to remain free due to advertising revenue. It aims to remain a “‘one-stop source for all things Boston’ that offers breaking news, sports, and weather, from a variety of sources, as well as classified advertising, social networking, and information about travel, restaurants and entertainment,” according to Globe officials.

Bostonglobe.com is supposed to contain content more like an actual newspaper, only with more in depth analytical columns, etc…

What is special about this system, according to the site, is that it is the first paper to “split into two brands,” which I think makes it more confusing.

If I can still get my breaking news from boston.com, would I really be inclined to pay more to read about it in depth? Nope. The article goes on about appealing to two different target audiences in order to gain a wider advertisement base.

What is more interesting about this money dilemma is that this is basically marks a new frontier for newspapers as a whole. It’s exciting to read so many articles that basically say:

“Look. We don’t know how this is gonna work. But we’re gonna test it out and see.”


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