SparkNotes… for TV shows

TV show recaps aren’t a new phenomenon, but apparently there’s been a surge in readership, according to the NY Observer.

After reading the article, which basically says that recap blogging is the new coffee-run for aspiring young writers, I’ve determined the following unsolved equation:

Unsolved Equation

Pop culture + Interactivity + Fast fast fast fast = ????

???? = Sustainable profit-yielding media
???? = Short-term fad
???? = Segue to better sustainable profit-yielding media

“But of course how long is the kind of more formal, old-school criticism going to be around? Or is this just going to take over?” asked Times TV critic Ginia Bellafante — who, incidentally, recaps Mad  Men for the paper. “I certainly hope it doesn’t, but how viable is a TV critic’s career anymore?”

Hmm. This is just another (another what… nail in the coffin?) piece to the complicated puzzle of how the media can harness the audience’s attention and make them pay for it at the same time.

On the bright side, the new job opportunities are pretty exciting espesh for the “young writers,” ahem, like me


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