NY Mag casts off the “New York” part of it’s name in favor of hipster “Culture Vulture” web-appendage

With the tagline “Devouring Culture,” NY Mag debuted the web-based Vulture on Tuesday. The site is supposed to be a revolutionarily harmonic combination of both “high and low” culture, and “will serve as a home for criticism, commentary, news and aggregation from New York’s bloggers and critics.

Not that the editors at NYMag are about 4 years behind, or anything.

Gawker has been ripping the entertainment industry a new one for a while now.

So, why the buzz? Probably because this qualifies the desperation need for a new source of income. Thanks to market research, NYMag found that people care more about last week’s Mad Men recap and Joel McHale’s value in Hollywood than, you know, the other entertainment news that already permeates NYMag’s home site. Editors want to disassociate themselves with the “NY” label in order to get more advertising and gain a broader readership spectrum.

New York’s publisher, Lawrence C. Burstein, said the kinds of advertisers he hoped to attract with the site — luxury goods, beauty products, movie studios and television networks like Showtime, Bravo and HBO — were responding well so far.

“Culture Vulture” seems a bit to obsequious to me, but hey, someone’s gotta pay the bills, right? This is just another example of media struggling to get the attention of advertisers. Granted, this is an entertainment outlet, so it’s not like we’re seeing the fall of hard journalism or anything. What is particularly interesting to me will be if Vulture can actually turn a profit (which is projected for the coming year) against other criticism collaboration sites that already have a foothold. And if Vulture can actually draw a national audience.

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