Memory Bank Monday (9.14-9.20)

*MBM will be a weekly link-list of articles that I dig but don’t feel like writing about. Probably because I’m lazy.

1. OMG, ETC When did we start speaking in sets of capital letters? Lane Greene looks into the rise of the acronym and its sibling the initialism …
2. Can Digg Find Its Way in the Crowd?It may also explain why Digg, a darling of the online media world just a couple of years ago, may have missed its moment. ”
3. Groupon Responds to Cafe Owner Who Says Using Service Was “Single Worst Decision” Interesting follow up to Groupon-mania

4. Tweet Nest is a self-hosted online tweet archive If you’re a religious teweeter (as I’m definitely not
), you can now save all of your tweets in an archive. Who knows when the next published book of tweets will appear?
5. Pa.University Bans Facebook, Twitter For a Week Interesting social media experiment


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